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Label with DC so please make sure your power supply is also DC. The power supplies on our website are all DC. How many watts of power does a light strip require? The next thing to consider is how many watts or wattage it takes to power the light strip. To know this value accurately you ne to know two parameters the wattage per meter of the strip and the length of the strip in meters. These two parameters are then multipli together and the result is the wattage requir for the entire light strip. To ensure that the power supply does not have to be overload it is recommend to add a minimum of additional margin.

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So the right power supply for your nes should be one of watts or more. Do I ne an adjustable driver or dimmer? Many of the light strips in our shop are dimmable which means you can adjust their brightness  two Poland Phone Number List options to choose a dimmable power supply to dim the light strips. In this case sometimes a dimmer is not requir but sometimes a dimmer nes to be install in front of the power supply. This information is report in the power supply’s technical specifications. Buy a regular non-dimmable power supply and install a dimmer or dimmer between the light strip and the power supply.

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The most common choice. Both solutions will produce the same results it just depends on the type of system you want to build. Using a dimmer you can control the current drawn by the light strip to adjust USA Phone Number List its brightness and can turn it on and off via the app button remote or panel. Where to install light strips? Light strips have a wide range of applications. Whether indoors or outdoors, they are widely us due to their versatility. If you want to install the.

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