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There is no way to accelerate this learning unless by practicing, making mistakes and getting things right. An alternative that we can consider a “shortcut” to avoid mistakes and go straight to increasing your business’s conversion rate is  The term originates to borrow other people’s practical experience ! Your ideal partner for this endeavor — and with my more than 20 years combin with its effectiveness in creating high-converting landing pages without making mistakes — is certainly Orgânica ! From understanding your audience, to creating irresistible copy and even creating the code behind a landing page that increases your revenue, my agency and I do everything for your success.

visitor accesses when entering a website

Schule a chat with our experts and take advantage of our practical experience as the largest Inbound Marketing agency in Brazil! Common questions: What is a Landing Page? The term originates from the English language and can be translat as “landing page”. In Digital Marketing, a landing page is, therefore, the first space that a visitor accesses when entering a website. How does a Landing Page fit into a marketing strategy? This tool has  special data become an excellent alternative for increasing the company’s conversion, gaining more and more leads and customers during the process.

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With your objectives in mind, the consultancy should help you create a tailor strategy, including content plans , advertising campaigns, SEO , brand reinforcement, etc.; Implementation : the defin strategy is then put into practice, with content creation , website optimization, campaign management … and constant monitoring by Digital Marketing consultancy; Monitoring and analysis : performance is closely Calling List  monitor, with regular analysis of results to adjust and correct the strategy if necessary (after all, achieving results in Marketing requires testing and more testing!).

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