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The design to radiate light at an angle suitable for projecting light onto adjacent surfaces.   surface mount and can be secur with metal clips, double sid tape or adhesive. We hope this guide helps you choose the aluminum profile that best suits your nes. If you would like to know more about the different profiles or ne specific advice please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. For more information on the best products relat to lighting projects click here. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you ne more information about aluminum profiles please feel free to contact us.Hidden Elements How to Correctly.

Choose Power Supply Voltage

Compatibility How many watts of power do light strips require? Do I ne an adjustable driver or dimmer? Where are the light strips mount? Connect the light strips to Netherlands Phone Number List the power supply. Can I connect multiple light strips to the same power supply? How far away from the power supply can the light strip be install? How to install the power supply? Recommendations on how to choose the correct power supply. Almost all commercially available light strips operate at low voltage or under, while the standard voltage in Italy is usually . To compensate for this difference a power supply nes to be install upstream of the light strip to convert the AC power into DC power at the requir voltage.

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Often call a transformer or driver. But what parameters ne to be consider to ensure that the product reaches its full potential? Voltage compatibility The first thing to check is that voltage is measur in volts. A general Uk Phone Number List guideline is that the output voltage of the power supply should match the input voltage of the light strip. Therefore if the product operates at then the output voltage of the power supply must also be Also light.

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