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The fourth meeting for the formation of the National Voluntary Action Platform convene by the National Institute of Social Development. Had as its theme the presentation of 4 internet platforms that promote the meeting of people with voluntary service with the purpose that the participating organizations In addition to knowing these services. They could form a working group to estimate the characteristics that a website for the platform could have. The main idea is that in the cyberspace that the Platform could have. Because it is a public space. It would offer to the general public the services that different organizations offer both to encourage the professionalization of volunteer management and to facilitate the meeting of people. who wish to volunteer; disseminate activities and offer data and statistics on the behavior of the generosity of Mexicans in the area of ​​donating time.

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The purpose of “Citizenship in Construction” to rate which is the most. but to highlight their virtues and navigation in all of them  Afghanistan Mobile Number List  is recommende. Here are some coincidences: They offer services so that the general public can find an opportunity to perform voluntary service associate with a formally constitute philanthropic organization. It provides organizations with a space to administer. Manage and present their voluntary offers . As many as necessary.  They present sites they provide information about activities of both the organizations and events that will be held in volunteer matters. They also share notes about sessions already carrie out All portals take both the volunteer and the voluntary activity very seriously. So they ensure that the user organizations have a track record in compliance with the national standards of authorize donors.

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Social service can also be linke A portal encourages a volunteer to be “multi-causal”. That is,to be able to join other volunteer Estonia Phone Number List activities similar to the one for which they originally registere. Of the 4 cases. Three portals are their own, that is, they have been generate and manage by the promoting institution. The other is an international platform in which each organization can be a user.  They present sites ne of them has a monthly cost – which is low – for the organizations that are users. The other three offer the service for free. Within volunteer management. Only one offers tools to generate statistics and reports on volunteer participation and manages a history. Only one portal offers an interaction for the volunteer to rate and the degree of satisfaction they had when performing volunteer service.

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