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As a counterpart to the events that will unfold on the social and political level. Entering each other’s world will mean accessing spaces that. if it weren’t for this unique brotherhood. perhaps they would never have known. The places they occupy are so disparate and distant. even when their homes are in the same city. Gonzalo discovers. suddenly. when accompanying Pro. in his uncle’s truck. the streets agitat by the political protest marches. activities that he does not understand. but that he enjoys: jumping against the “momios” – the people who enjoy of the privilege of a high position on the social scale -. shouting with the gratuitous enthusiasm of childhood slogans against those among whom he counts himself.

God and the Gnostic Doctrine

While helping in the sale of political propaganda banners. he jokingly exposes his childish ignorance. His presence is not tolerat by Silvana. Pro’s friend. who harasses him by constantly calling him names that sharply emphasize his status as a wealthy upstart: Gonzalo is subject to reverse discrimination at the hands of Silvana. But by dint of seeing each other frequently. friendship also arises between them. Gonzalo is admitt to that enclave b2b email list of misery. Once at Pro’s house. she knows the family table serv with insulting austerity. the unbearably dirty silo. the urgency with which a modest mother deals with the cries of a small child in the midst of the material orphanhood of her miserable home. but she also experiences the affection and camaraderie.

Christianity the Expiration of the

Even the honey (and this is literal) of the first touches of the skin through the kisses that both comrades lavish on Silvana on the very lips. One could believe that the symbiosis has completely occurr; that social and racial borders have been completely level; even that the change of mentality. of structures. is possible. That men can one day be brothers. Too bad: before. seeing Pro and Gonzalo sharing Calling List the reading ofThe Lone Ranger . we have heard the girl ask sarcastically. referring to the comic: “When has a white man been seen to be a friend of an Indian?” The question prefigures the approaching scenario: this coexistence is just a truce; Brotherhood is just a simulacrum. Conflicts are common. at home or outside; in marital arguments. or facing political sides;

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