To do this, they are implementing updates in aspects

functional, but they also have to connect emotionally with people. To do this, they are implementing updates in aspects such as fonts or colors, and incorporating new techniques such as microinteractions, virtual reality or glasmorphism. In this article, we are going to learn about some of the techniques and visual styles that will help you design an attractive and modern website so that any company can appear as a great showcase on the Internet! WEB DESIGN TRENDS 2023 CUSTOM CURSORS Although we are us to using the traditional white pointer as a cursor, in 2023 we are committ to innovation and many websites will

present personalized cursors, with a differentiating

stun the audience, the bounce rate will increase significantly. It is better to have a simple, productive and responsive website than to lose hundreds of customers. In addition, the color will also frequently be seen linked to geometric figures that stand out and in duotones. The common no longer sells like before, now innovations

b2b email list are presented as great ideas that attract visitors and make money . The Spotify and Mailchimp websites are clear examples of the correct use of colors to convey a message. web design trends 2023 Drawing will once again have a leadin

Illustrators will be able to show their personality

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g role on websites. Illustrators will be able to show their personality and that of the brand they work with freely, since that subtlety and sincerity in the line will increase page visits. Finally, image backgrounds break the paradigms that we cannot place text on a photograph. Of course, the models that move between realism and minimalism go with appropriate  Calling List backgrounds so as not to overload the website. And if we add  infinite scrolling to this, our users will be able to have a great experience reading and browsing through our website, imitating what they do on mobile. MICROINTERACTIONS It refers to small animations that capture customers’ attention and

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