The typical link building mistakes of a beginner

Normally it would have been more accurate to start with the typical mistakes of beginners to talk about the topic. Since this is a blog and not a book, the entries arise based on the blogger’s inspiration, so I hope you will forgive me for not having respected this logical order. In this post I summarize some of the main mistakes when carrying out proactive link building.

Too many links in one post

Too many links in one post According to Google, an entry should category email list not have more than 100 links (the sum of internal and external links). Please note that navigation links are also taken into account. In theory it is difficult to exceed this figure although in some “list” type posts I have easily exceeded it.

Always link with the same keyword

Always link with the same keyword If you want to position Calling List yourself with “online marketing” it is not good to only get links with this combination of keywords. It is evident that you are trying to cheat since it is not a natural process. The best strategy is to vary the terms and even link to “here” or simply the URL of your website.

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