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The case of our student Rubén Alonso Melero is an example of perseverance, dedication, effort and continuous desire to train as a professional to achieve professional success through online training. Let’s know his story. Rubén has worked since 2007 in a company in the Basque Country called Pierburg | Rheinmetall AG . Throughout these years, he has been Director of different business units, such as machining, assembly or friction welding. In addition, from 2016 to 2019, he has held the position of Quality Director of Spain. However, it was in 2019

when the company he works for proposed him the challenge

when the company he works for proposed him the challenge of making the leap to the General Management of Pierburg in China , an opportunity that he took advantage of without hesitation and for which he has now spent 4 years as a resident in Shanghai working in the scope of operations (quality, production, maintenance, logistics and industrialization). ONLINE TRAINING IN ADE As time passed and Rubén carried   business email list out the tasks of his job, he realized that he could still expand his knowledge much more. Furthermore, he knew that in China he would encounter economic and financial aspects that would be completely new to him. For this reason, in 2018,

Administration at the Miguel de Cervantes

he decided to take the Online Degree in Business Administration at the Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) . mba student Now, Rubén affirms that his commitment to this training was a complete success. “ The Degree in Business Administration has contributed to my improvement and qualification as a professional because I have been able to establish myself in a more robust way in my current role as CEO/Genera Calling List l Director. I better understand organizations, the market, globalization, the health of companies, competitors…” And, with the Online Degree in Business Administration and Management from the UEMC,

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