How to know what cookies a website uses

In this post I am going to show you several ways to detect which cookies a website uses. Which is something that we must take into account when creating a website. May 25, 2018 changed the lives of all of us who have a website. As it was the date of entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the. European Union that regulation that is screwing up. How to know Facebook, Google so much and other large technology. Companies that “nourish”, to put it mildly, on Internet users’ data. One of the aspects that has been most affected. By this law is the use made of cookies (translated as “cookies”, who thought of it), which are very nice little files that are installed in our browsers.

What is the GDPR

Web. I explain everything in detail and point by point. But I am not going to go into detail with the law, which is extensive and enough for a 3,000-word post Index of contents. What is the GDPR What are cookies. What types of cookies exist Main cookies company data according to their purpose Main cookies according to their duration are: And all these cookies are grouped into. How to know what cookies a website uses. What information is shown in the browser cookies list Other tools to detect cookies on your website Conclusion What is the GDPR The GDPR , or General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR), is the European standard on data protection.

What are cookies How to know

Which unifies the protection of user data in the European Union. In this link you have all the official information about the GDPR. Have a coffee, it’s as long as a day without bread! What are cookies As I mentioned, cookies are small files with data that are Calling List installed in a user’s. Browser when they visit a website. These files store certain information about the Internet user who visits the website , such as their behavior on the website. Browsing history, passwords and other things. FREE tip: if you are going to see dirty pages, which I know you do, it is better to use an incognito tab, so that your father does not see them in the history later. Now I leave you an example of what cookies do: Hasn’t it happened to you that you visit a website and then see advertising for that company on your Facebook, in digital newspapers and on blogs?

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