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The springs of that hopeful circumstantial encounter between children from distant worlds. as if it were a useless mechanism. jump and shatter. Friendship. like that government that tri to pursue alternative paths of development. and the noble initiative undertaken by the director of the Saint-Patrick school. see their fragile seams violently torn apart. The illusion has di. The brutal repression is unleash when the military intervention breaks into the village where Machuca lives. In the middle of a skirmish. a soldier kills Silvana. and Gonzalo. who is wandering around with his bicycle. confus in the vortex of a social chaos that he does not understand. watches with astonishment his friend fall.

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Look at me.” he says to the soldier. terrifi. when. mistaking him for just another child from that miserable region. he urges him to join the group that is being arrest. The color of his skin and hair. his attire. neat for the area. and his Adidas sneakers. tell the henchman that Gonzalo does not belong to that place. that it is true that. as he tri to tell him. he lives on the other side. from the river. Or what is the same: that he business email list belongs to another world. absolutely different and distant. The city. the country. return to normal. Because. yes. what is normal under the tyranny of a dictatorship is that disgraceful condition in which everyone takes their place. without questions. and. even more. without answers. when those are ask.

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The military assumes control of the school. Children who were incorporat as part of an equal coexistence program must pay if they want to continue studying. The teacher is replac. just in case. The children of those parents who support that initiative Calling List that sought to sow the ses of inclusion. solidarity and tolerance are put aside. The school principal. the utopian Father McEnroe. is dismiss. The haircut and martial treatment are impos. Not only The military has come to impose its order. Machuca: if all men could be brothers «(…) [A] me as a spectator is interest in going to the cinema to think» Wood once declar in an interview. And Machuca is a film that clearly leads to this.

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