Why if you are a student you should also be a volunteer

The “Young people towards volunteering” program of the National School of Social Work of the UNAM continues to bear fruit. After that,  esponsible for this initiative, has added several activities in favor of volunteering.  A Volunteer Fair was recently presented and the second generation began to invite students from. The second semester of Social Work to participate as volunteers within an organization of the philanthropic civil society. Why if you are Last week tstudents who registered for the program was also supported nd Beatriz Bell from the National Institute of Social Development her experience. Which is transcribed below. But not before thanking her for keeping her word and showing us what being a volunteer has meant in her life and in her training as a volunteer. After that, Future professional of Social Work. ENTS second generation. I feel very lucky to be part of the first generation of the ‘Youth towards Volunteering’ program of the National School of Social Work at UNAM.

Who made this program possible

I thank my director, Ms. Leticia through which I was able to appreciate and value different aspects of my life and my career. Realizing that carrying out a voluntary action allows you to do more than just give. I am a USA Mobile Number Database  student in the 3rd semester of the degree in Social Work at UNAM. Currently I am fortunate to be a volunteer at the Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer at carrying out more professional work.  Why if you are It has involved me using different strategies to begin ore professional level of action. I have had also an approach to social reality. It is not closing your eyes or folding your arms to what is happening. I have acquired experiences and learning in the management of social work techniques and tools.since in the association.

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Voluntary action for me now represents

A coming and going of learning, experiences and knowledge that are not provided in a classroom.  Because you will agree that one Afghanistan Phone Number List  thing is the knowledge that is provided in the classroom and another thing is trying to bring that knowledge to the classroom. In practice, we must be awarehaving contributed to our society, to our people. After that, Voluntary action needs to be a job with everyone and for everyone. start pulling to the same side and with the same force. I think we must participate and be part of the change. We are the largest generation of young people in history and we face many challenges.let’s not miss our opportunity to contribute to our society. Now is the time! ENTS second generation olunteering”. The hospital to monitor the health of their relatives. Upcoming events V National Volunteer Fair The next edition of this fair will aim to analyze the Sustainable Development Goals. Where thousands of philanthropic and voluntary organizations around the world lobbied. United Nations to include volunteering as a strategic ally to achieve these goals.

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