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Questions like how to make pad thai I know I’m guilty. keywords and search terms interchangeably. We would go back and forth. Essentially they mean exactly the same thing. Keywords or what someone actually types into a search to find what they’re looking for. Moving on let’s discuss the types of keywords we want to look at When we think about how to choose keywords and phrases we should first think about the types of keywords and phrases we can consider. Keywords can be divid into two basic types. I put together this little diagram to hopefully help clarify. Search intent first is broad keywords which are usually very vague maybe one or two words at most and then long tail keywords which are usually more specific.

These are usually a few words

Phrase or a question. Both broad keywords Brazil TG Number Data and long-tail keywords can be further subdivid according to intent, namely informational and commercial. So if we look at some examples let’s consider trying to sell cars. Broad keywords are usually short. Maybe a word or two and informative keywords would suit the person who is researching. They want to know more about a certain topic in which case they want some broad information so they might search for something like cars. Search intent for title tag commercial keywords is relat to purchasing so a broad commercial keyword could be something like buying a car or selling a car. Generally speaking, the monthly search volume of broad keywords is very high and the competition is very fierce. If we look at the search for cars.

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We can see that the search volume Australia Telegram Number for this term is. But this type of search is often suitable for people who don’t yet know what. They want to buy or are simply not serious about buying. So unless you have a huge selection for example or they have a lot of different types of cars it’s going to be a lot of work and you might not get real customers or you might find someone looking for what you’re looking for. Not for sale at all. Long tail keywords on the other hand have much smaller search volumes but can be more tailor and easier to compete with. Long tail information keywords might be something like What is the safest san? This is a question about specific attributes of a specific type of car. This person may be interest in buying but still at the top of the sales funnel and they are clearly moving in at this point.

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