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St valentine’s day email marketing ideas (source: email from forbes travel guide) 13. Add videos to emails videos in emails would be a good solution for those brands that do not sell apparel or jewelry and for those who do not run an horeca business. With videos. you can either congratulate your customers on this holiday and spread some fun or express your gratitude. Valentine’s day email marketing ideas _ add videos (source: email from charity: water) 14. Let your customers know you love them people hear dozens of i love you. i like you and i cherish you from their friends. colleagues.

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ones on this day. Dont be an exception. Tell the customers how much you value and cherish them. Valentine’s day newsletter templa Denmark Telemarketing Data te with a special discount spread the love! Show your customers your appreciation use this template 15. Start today if you own a b2c company that sells special gifts for people in love. you should start your valentine’s day email campaign way before the holiday. People ne time to choose what they want and get presents deliver on time. Browse st valentines day email subject lines in regular newsletters. about 25% of recipients make the decision whether to open the message by reading the subject line.

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Denmark Telemarketing Data

is 30%. No matter what the goal of your st valentines newsletter is. you ne to put it straight in the subject line. Be very specific yet con Latvia Phone Number List cise. Some examples of nice subject lines by famous brands: this valentines day. reach for the stars tiffany & co. Announcing $20 gifts for your valentine gap. Hanna. discover new tiffany designs for valentines day tiffany & co. Love is in the air nike. Hanna. order now! One more week for valentines day delivery tiffany & co. Reserve that special spot this valentines day porsche. Sporty valentines gifts decathlon. Be nature’s valentine: join wwf’s race for love wwf’s panda nation.

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