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The following materials and tools before you begin installing your light strips: Drywall profiles Light strip controllers Power adapters Cables and connectors Cable cutting tools Cable tightening clamps Screwdrivers Power drill Ladder tape Electrical safety glasses and gloves Safety precautions when working on your project Safety is always the main consideration. Always wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves when handling appliances and tools. Also be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power adapter to avoid the risk of electric shock. Preparing the Drywall Surface for the Installation Phase Start by making sure the drywall surface is clean and flat. Remove dust, dirt or dents to ensure the light strip is securely install.

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Primer to improve the adhesion of the light strips. Install the light strip Use wire retaining clips to secure the light strip to the drywall. Make sure they are evenly distribut for even lighting. To cut the Russia Number Data light strips use scissors or a knife as ne but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.   to the controller Connect the light strip connector to the controller and connect the power supply to the controller. Make sure all connections are secure. Hide Wires Use a drill and screwdriver to create a channel in the drywall to hide the wires. Thread the wires through the channels making sure they are not visible.

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Tape to secure wires so they don’t move or come loose. Verify and Test Make sure everything is install correctly before shutting down the system. Check all connections for loose or broken wires. Then turn on the power to test the brightness and color effects of the light strip. If Everything Works Drywall Light Strip Installation Successful Frequently Ask Questions and Solutions to Maintenance Frequently Ask Questions You may encounter some common issues when using light strips such as flickering, color distortion, or the remote.

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