What is manual operation?

If there is a certain percentage of content on your site, you will receive this penalty. If you enter the same design and the same content on the new site, you will receive the same penalty again. You insistently say that all content is original. There is a contradiction here. A site consisting entirely of original content cannot receive a full spam penalty with manual spam. If, as you said, all the content on your site were original. as a result of the re-evaluation request you sent from Google webmaster tools, there should have been a response such as Manual spam process was cancelled. Also, in the manual spam. What is warning you receive. Therefore, should be a warning such as a site-wide match or an exact match. The content of this warning is also very important for evaluation.

What is content

Based on the information Denmark WhatsApp Number Data you have provided, there is only one possibility left: someone has copied your site. These content thieves can sometimes make their sites authoritative and appear. Therefore,  if they were the first to enter the content. This may lead to the actual content owner being penalized. I recommend you to scan with Copyscape-like tools. full spam – index deletion What causes index deletion and info loss? The process when the pages indexed by Google for your site do not appear in Google search results and are completely removed is called de-indexing. Again.

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Why does this happen

Pulling content Azerbaijan Phone Number List from other sites using the Spinning method Collecting content from other websites SEO techniques that do not comply with webmaster guidelines Automatically weak content pages generated by Content taken entirely from other sites by copying method The site becomes unreachable as a result of problems on the server Too many broken links Content created with keyword stuffing method Poor quality and excessive link outputs Selling promotional articles and links from the site Filling with hidden links Pages with excessive redirects Creating stereotypical sites that are copies of each other, called cookie-cutter pages (buying domains such as  and filling the sites with content that does not add value).


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