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The remains new for a long time.   before cleaning the light stripsource to ensure safety. Operating temperature controll light strips typically have a nominal operating temperature range beyond which performance and service life may be affect. So please make sure the light strip is working at the correct operating temperature. Avoid exposing the strip to extremely high or low temperatures which may affect its stable performance. If the light strip is to be us in a high-temperature environment, it is recommend to choose a light strip with high heat resistance and a wider operating temperature range. In addition, measures can be taken to ruce the operating temperature such as adding.

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Heat sinks or rucing the brightness of the light strips. By taking the above measures, the heat of the light strip can be effectively dissipat to ensure its long-term stable operation, extend its life and improve its performance.   lighting or commercial applications, reasonable heat dissipation design will help you give full play to the advantages of light strips to achieve efficient Brazil WhatsApp Number List and long-lasting lighting effects. Frequently Ask Questions What will happen if the ceiling light strip overheats? Overheating of the ceiling light strip will lead to ruc brightness, shorten lifespan and damage to the lamp beads. Therefore, reasonable heat dissipation design is crucial. Can the heat sink of the light strip be replac by myself.

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The light strip is fix on the product and it is not recommend to replace it by yourself. If the radiator is damag or nes to be replac, it is recommend to contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel Canada Phone Number List for repair. What is the operating temperature range of a light strip? The operating temperature of a light strip varies by model and is usually between to. Make sure the light strip works properly within this temperature range. Understanding the heat dissipation mechanism of.

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