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Your subscriber, then an ebook detailing the . Remember that the sale is not yet sought, the goal here being only to provide all the information that can generate a need for your product or service in your subscriber. CONSIDERATION At this point, users have understood that their needs must be met and will seek to resolve them. So it’s time to show them all the solutions your brand has to solve their problem or need. To meet their needs, the user will benefit from knowing all the advantages of your product. Therefore, all the content.

Benefits of your product

You send them should provide added value DB to Data and show them that you have  those needs. It’s time that the emails you send contain information such as, case studies from your industry, blog articles, guides with tips. This way you ensure that your potential customer does not forget you but also informs them about what you offer and how it can help them. Each email sent will strengthen the relationship with your subscriber. It must therefore always be a personalized message taking into account the subject and content. Plan broadcasts taking into account the behavior of your contacts regarding the content. The sending.

DB to Data

All the tools necessary to meet

Frequency will depend on this Phone Number your subscriber, which could take a few days or a few weeks. It is possible that at this stage you lose some contacts, you simply make a filter. Consider the statistics and carefully evaluate the behavior of each campaign you defined during this step. Don’t blame subscribers who CONVERSION The user has had time to evaluate all options and offers to resolve their need. The customer may already have the decision to complete the purchase, but may still have some indecision. What to do ? This is the precise moment to send the email which gives a final boost to the conversion. This is where you will need to refine your.

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