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Consider recommendations from friends and family to be the most reliable source of information about products and services. Therefore, employees who are loyal to their company and actively promote it among their friends have a huge impact on the brand’s image. They strengthen its position on the market and contribute to increasing customer trust. However, it is worth considering the validity of the Employee Advocacy program if employees do not identify with the company’s values. Before you consider building an EA program, verify employee satisfaction, e.g. through an internal survey. People selected to participate in the Employee Advocacy program must feel that they are part of the organization and that they have the support of their colleagues.

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The benefits of a successful Employee Advocacy program Introducing an Employee Advocacy program brings many benefits. However, there are m Spain Telemarketing Data any preparatory steps that must be completed before a company can see value. A well-planned and implemented Employee Advocacy program increases employee commitment and loyalty. This translates into higher productivity and lower staff turnover. Secondly, by promoting the brand among their friends, employees contribute to increasing its recognition. Thanks to this, companies acquire a larger number of potential customers. Third, EA can help increase the effectiveness of marketing activities because employees act as reliable sources of information for their environment. Thanks to this, companies can achieve better results at lower costs.

An Employee Advocacy program

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can help attract new talent to your company. This is especially true if employees praise their workplace on social media and online fo Mexico WhatsApp Number List rums. Key elements of an effective Employee Advocacy program An effective EA program should be based on several key elements. First, you should define the goals that the company wants to achieve with this program, e.g. increasing brand recognition, acquiring new customers or building a positive company image. The second step should be to develop appropriate action plans to achieve these goals. These activities may include, for example, training for employees, encouraging them to share information about the company on social media or organizing special events at which employees can promote the brand.

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