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The ruce the power requir by the power supply, but the following points should be not. The voltage and current of the light strip must be consistent with the power supply. The voltage and current are match to ensure proper operation. The total power of all light strips should not exce the power supply capacity to ensure that the power supply is not overload. In order to achieve uniform brightness, the length of the light strips should be similar and not too long. Connect light strips to multiple power sources In a multi-power multi-light strip connection each light strip is connect to a separate power source.  greater flexibility but must be consider.

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Power supply must be sufficient to support the connect light strips without overloading them. Make sure the voltage and current of each light strip are appropriate for the power source you Italy WhatsApp Number List choose. Use suitable connecting cables to ensure a strong and reliable connection between the power supply and the light strip. How to Calculate Power Supply Capacity To calculate how many light strips you can connect to one power supply you can follow these steps to determine the wattage of a light strip. First you ne to determine the wattage of the light strip you want to use.

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Found on the product data sheet or packaging. Assume that the power of the select light strip is . Determine power supply capacity Calculate the total capacity of the power supply bas Belgium Phone Number List on the number of select light strips. Assuming that meters of light strips are connect, the total power is meters. Check Power Supply Capacity Check the power supply capacity provid. If the power supply capacity is greater than or equal to the total power, it can be connect normally. If the capacity of the power supply is less than the total power, you ne to choose

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