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The mount on flexible circuit boards. Applying excessive pressure may damage them. applying too much pressure. Beware of wet hands. If your hands are wet or wet, it is best not to touch the light strip to avoid the risk of electric shock caus by the current. Tips for Safe Use of Light Strips To use light strips safely, here are some tips. Use a remote or switch. Most light strips can be controll with a remote or switch. This avoids contact and provides more lighting options. Install light strips in appropriate locations Installing light strips in hard-to-touch locations such as walls, ceilings, or other high places can ruce the possibility of being touch.

 Regularly check the connection

Regular inspection: and installation of the light strip to ensure that everything is normal and minimize safety hazards. FAQ: Can the light strip be touch while working? Generally speaking, the light strip does not generate high temperatures during normal operation, so it is usually safe to touch the light strip lightly while Georgia WhatsApp Number List working. But it’s best to avoid touching them for long periods of time to avoid overheating. Are light strips safe to install in home decoration? Yes, light strips are safe to use in home decoration. But you should make sure they are install in an inaccessible location to ruce the likelihood of touching them while still being safe to use.

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Panels are generally touchable

Can I apply pressure to the light strip? It is best to avoid applying too much pressure to the light strip to avoid damaging it. Just touch lightly without pressing too hard. Can I touch Russia Phone Number List the panel?  They do not generate high temperatures during normal operation and are therefore safe to touch. But to ensure safety it is best to avoid touching them for long periods of time and use remote controls or switches to control them to ruce the possibility of touching

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