Is there any difference in terms of SEO using paid or free SSL?

It is the most expensive SSL certificate. Trustsafe, comodo, rapid ssl can be preferred as brands. Each brand has different SSL certificate alternatives. In January 2017, the most affordable certificate in terms of price is trustsafe pro ssl provided by trustsafe. Comodo’s cheapest certificate is 11 dollars, Rapid SSL’s most economical certificate is 15 dollars. Checklist for SSL migration! If you switch directly from http to https without complying with the criteria. SEO using paid I wrote below. You may be left with many problems such as browsing errors. If you have been using your site with or without www before, make sure that you will use the same version when you switch to https. free SSL Ex. If you are using, continue as Since your entire link structure will change, you should redirect your http links to https links via 301. Otherwise, you cannot get rid of duplicate pages and crawling errors in Google webmaster tools.

SEO using paid

You can provide the necessary checks with USA WhatsApp Number Data tools such as redirect checker. Use certificates that are encrypted with 2048 bits and support the SHA-2 algorithm Check if SSL certificate is mobile friendly Analyze SSL errors with the tool  and take action when necessary If you have blocked https with robots.txt, remove it. Verify that the sitemap in the robots.txt file has the https version If you want to see more impact, use EVSSL, which requires verification for corporate companies. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can use Wildcard SSL instead of regular SSL. Leave the http version in Google Search Console for a while to keep track of the data. However, add the https version immediately by verifying it in Google Search Console.

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Redirect Https

Constantly monitor the migration from http to Armenia Phone Number List with the address change tool in Google Webmaster Tools and make the necessary settings. You cannot make changes to the existing property, so you need to re-add the https version. For more detailed information about the Google address change tool. You can read the article Make sure that the new sitemap works with https and add it to the https property in Search Console and send it to Google. as Reject the backlinks you rejected in the  version from the https version by using the Google disavow tool.

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