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 You can do this with the free and professional versions. Become a Beta Tester: If you want to become an Elementary Beta Tester, you can activate this option here. “ maintenance mode” tab Elementary tool maintenance mode Select mode: Here you can decide whether you want to put the website in “ mode” or ” maintenance“ mode in ” construction. Who can access: In this option you can decide which WordPress roles have access to the backend when the site is being built or maintained.

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 Select the template: Use Telementor Design“ is building a ” or “ maintenance” page, and then select  new database  it here. “ Import/Export Kit” Tab If you have configured the Telementor website at the template, content, and settings level, you can import these settings between different websites with this option. Elementary-Tools Import Export Kits System Information In this section, Elementary can request a lot of technical information from you if you encounter an unsolvable problem.

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 First Step If you have just discovered Elementary or started using it, check out this section to see if they have to make the most of the amount of training material they have. Get help If you have any   Calling List  questions or problems with Telementor, you will reach the support section of its website via this option:https://elementor.com/support/ ( license ) Pro version<TAG1> this option only appears when you have a paid version.

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