4 essential and free resources for making graphics

4 essential and free resources for making graphics.  An online program, a photo catalog, a blog on the subject and a social network. Here’s what you need to start arnaizing with graphics and web design. There are some tools you need to know, even if you are not a chart. You may be useful in emergency situations.  Such as when you’ll have to create a post . Or infographic for your facebook page yourself, or if you need an image . Or an idea for the visual part of your website or blog. In practice, these tools will serve you for all those jobs that do not require . Special skills or experience of years in graphics. 

Try and create graphics with Canva

What we are going to recommend are all free,   intuitive and easy to use. To start, make sure you have a computer with an internet connection.  To be curious enough and to have a lot of desire to learn (especially from your mistakes). Strumento di grafica try new database and create graphics with canva try, wrong, correct. You will find that slowly you will become better and better. The ideal place to test you is canva, a website and at the same time a completely free . Graphics tool already used by over 10 million people worldwide. “canva transforms everyone into a designer”.  This is the welcome message on the portal; in short, you are in the right place.

Find the perfect photo on Unsplash

Sign up with facebook, google or email address . Calling Lists And access your personal desk where you can start to be creative. You will have a library equipped with shapes and models.  But also the ability to add images and modify the ready-made graphics as you like. I want to create my own graphic design imageimage . Find the perfect photo on unsplash search, choose, publish. How many times have you searched for the perfect photo and never found it? Think back to all those times when you couldn’t use images because it’s copyrighted or low-quality. In your aid come unsplash, a digital catalog of “ beautiful, free photos”. 

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