E-commerce in Italy: is the right time to invest?

E-commerce in italy: is the right time to invest? The e-commerce sector is experiencing great growth.  And there are more and more italians who buy online. Is it the right time to open an e-commerce? Let’s find out. The e-commerce sector, in italy and worldwide, is experiencing a period of considerable . And unstoppable growth, thanks to the increasing trend of people . To make their own purchases online and the introduction . Of new innovative technologies that revolutionize the shopping experience of users. With this article we want to sh some light on this topic. , highlighting data and statistics to answer .

The situation of E-commerce in Italy in 2017

The data updat to 2017 are clear:  with a growth of 17% compar to 2016 and a value of 23.6 billion euro. , e-commerce in italy is position as a growing sector that is, slowly.  Resigning traditional business models and attracting new investors new data and capital. For the first time, online purchases of products exce.  Those of services: 12.2 billion and 11.4 billion respectively. This is thanks to several significant factors and new trends that . Characteriz the world e-commerce in 2017 (source: economyup.It).  The alliances made between large online retailers (amazon, ebay).  And operators of a different nature, to develop new technological.  Innovations and expand the affirmation of voice assistants and . Chatbots, automat programs that respond to user requests, which . Have given a considerable boost to online sales the consecration.  Of the main anniversaries relat to the online market, such as 

Statistics of the E-commerce sector in Italy

Black friday and cyber monday although the numbers are very Calling Lists  promising . And draw a rather rosy overall picture, the e-commerce sector in italy still struggles to take off as hop and. Compar to other countries, continues to remain an undynamic and still immature sector. Not because of the mistrust in users to . Buy online, but the “often experimental and unconvinc approach.  To the e-commerce of many traditional italian operators . [who do not dicate] the right commitment nor their best resources.  To a strategic project that, instead, is becoming the real engine of advanc . Economies and attracting more and more investment and capital”.  To use the words of roberto liscia, president of netcomm.  The italian electronic commerce consortium. I want to build my website imageimage statistics of the e-commerce sector in italy 

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