8 profitable online business ideas that you can easily create with WordPress

8 profitable online business ideas that you can easily create with WordPress. WordPress already occupies 30% of the global website market. That is, almost one in every 3 websites you visit is made with WordPress. Today it has become an ideal tool to create profitable Internet businesses of all kinds and in a very simple way. But in its beginnings, 14 years ago (in 2003). It began as a platform designed exclusively for creating blogs. Beyond becoming the most used CMS, it has continued to evolve and right now,

What is an online business

What is an online business. Before starting to talk about profitable online businesses that we can create with WordPress, I wanted to clarify a little more what we are referring to. When we talk about Internet businesses or online businesses, we will be referring to those designed, developed, implemented and operational exclusively on the Internet. It is true that many traditional businesses are now moving to the digital world. And some even have more of a future on the Internet than in its classic model. But today we are going to talk about pure and simple Internet business. Those that currently make the most sense on this channel.

They are relocated businesses

They are relocated businesses. By their nature, Internet businesses do not need a physical location. They are online businesses. They are on the network. And therefore, the staff who work on them can do so from any location as well. This reduces the necessary Calling List infrastructure and provides agility to the project. And both very important points to be able to set up profitable businesses on the Internet.

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