A Simple Guide to Turning (Unlinked) Brand Mentions

What if I told you there was an easy way to earn hundreds, possibly even thousands of new backlinks? You’d jump at the chance, right? Enter: unlinked brand mentions. Unlinked brand mentions are online mentions (citations) of your brand—or anything directly related to your brand—that do not link back to your site. Here’s one I found for Ahrefs: With such mentions, you’re already halfway towards earning a link. You know that the author is familiar with your business because he/she has already mentioned you. So you have the perfect excuse to reach out and, hopefully, convince them to convert that mention into a link. But the question remains.

A Simple Guide find unlinked

Brand mentions in the first place? I’ll show you six simple ways to do so below. But first, let’s talk about the different types of brand mentions. It’s also worth noting company datathat when pursuing unlinked brand mentions, it pays to prioritize links from high-quality pages. This is because PageRank is calculated at the page-level, not the domain-level. So even if you already have a link from elsewhere on a domain, it’s still totally worth pursuing an unlinked mention on a high-authority (i.e., high UR) page on that same site. Got that? Good. Let’s find some unlinked brand mentions. But not all of these pages contain unlinked mentions. Many of them already link to us.

Buzzstream is another

Good option but it isn’t the cheapest—it also isn’t really made for this purpose. So let’s use Screaming Frog’s custom search feature. Here’s a video Calling List demonstrating exactly how to do this (keep reading for the written walkthrough): With opportunities like this, it pays to take action right away. A Simple Guide So reach out to the site owner and kindly request the addition of a link. Check out this guide if you need help finding their email address. Rinse and repeat this exact process for the other “branded” terms on your list. 2. Find Them With a Google Search Google offers another way to find brand mentions. It’s just less convenient than Content Explorer as it’s harder to extract the results. Let’s search for “Ahrefs” and exclude results from ahrefs.com using the same search operator as before.

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