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An approach it is necessary to start from the identification of each phase and the relative nes link to them, which can be your user. Onboarding-chart Return to index The key elements that support the narrative Regardless of how you decide to manage your onboarding strategy, there are key elements in any self-respecting narrative structure and which must be adequately studi so as to be able to insert them effectively into your content too. There are various tools you can use to communicate with users from emails to in-app messages, from images to demonstration videos, up to more interactive means such as chatbot.

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Whatever tools you decide to use and to what extent, first of all you ne to think about a welcome message . A welcome web designs and development service email is often underestimat, but it is essential to guide the user to the next step once they have complet the purchase. The next step could be a product tour showing the features, tools and results that can be achiev through them. Make communication easy to digest Regardless of the size and scope of the product, the product tour should be easy for a new user to digest in just a few minutes. Providing excessive material would result in the user having to spend more time than they have available.

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Your tour should give your customers their first immiate taste of success. This means leading the user to the completion of an important step right away all the specifics regarding additional features. Sticking to one main topic, function or problem Calling List for communication is a great strategy for making your tour easy to follow. Make your onboarding components easy to digest and keep your tour short limit yourself to – steps and use no more than words for each one. End with a clear call to action. The purpose of your onboarding strategy is to act as a guide to success. Which is why it is vital to ensure that every message has a CTA (call-to-action) that clearly explains. The next action the customer will take. user must undertake.

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