Reconsideration submission and process

Deleting all sub-pages of the site from the Google index Ranking loss for keywords A rapid or gradual decrease in visitors to the site. In short, sudden or gradual loss of hit. It can also be detected manually by a warning, such as full spam, that appears manually in the Google webmaster tools manager. Just because there was no warning does not mean that no punishment was received. If the site is removed from the search results even though there is no warning. Reconsideration submission it means that you have been severely banned algorithmically. You must include detailed edits and changes you have made on your site in the submission form. For example, the following news that did not constitute news and was entered verbatim from agencies were deleted.


Reconsideration submission

To get rid of full spam, which is one of the Greece WhatsApp Number Data most severe manual processes implemented by Google, we recommend that you read the following solutions carefully and apply them to your site. Put a noindex tag on all duplicate content on the site. I don’t recommend deleting because you won’t be able to avoid crawling errors this time. Be sure to read this article about Google quality guidelines and adapt it to your site. Do not run ads on your site for a while until a certain improvement is achieved. Eliminate all the factors we listed above as reasons for penalties (Hidden redirects, Spinning, Site slowness, etc.

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Google webmaster tools

Clean unnatural backlinks to your site with quality SEO tools Belarus Phone Number List such as Link Resealrh Tool and reject them with the Google disavow tool. Solve server and dns problems. Reconsideration submission and process You are sure that you have completely eliminated the penalty reasons on the site. And now you think you are not violating google quality policy rules. Finally, if you have received a manual warning from. you should submit a reconsideration request. If you have not received a warning and the penalty has been applied automatically, google it every two or three days. This will trigger the action.It may take 2-10 days for Google to respond to feedback. When submitting a re-evaluation request.


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