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The a significant impact on the life of the lamp.  high-temperature operation, the decay rate of the chip may accelerate, causing the brightness to decrease faster than expect.   are design with this aspect in mind. Temperature control and heat dissipation devices will be install inside the power supply to minimize damage to the chip caus by high temperatures. Therefore, even if the light is turn on for a small period of time, it will not have a decisive impact on the lifespan. Will the energy consumption increase if the lamp is us for hours? It nes to be clear that the energy consumption of the lamp is mainly relat to the light.

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Intensity and has little to do with the length of time the light is turn on. Let’s take a lamp as an example. Its energy consumption is basically the same whether it is turn on for hours or hours because the operating current is stable. In contrast, dimming significantly ruces energy consumption. Therefore, you don’t have to Kenya WhatsApp Number List worry about increasing electricity bills when working hourly. Energy consumption can be further ruc using tim or sensor dimming. Do light strip panel lights and linear lights always stay on and leak electricity? Light strip panel lights and linear lights are a new type of light source compar with traditional light sources.

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Time where they can always be at the advantage of the light without having to worry about greater losses. The reason for the small loss is that solid-state light-emitting components France Phone Number List can emit light stably for a long time, unlike incandescent lamps and so on. Must rely on heat dissipation. The lifespan can reach hours, and theoretically it will not be a problem to continuously emit light for several years. The light-emitting principle determines that its energy consumption is relat to brightness and has nothing to do with the.

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