What is the URL parameter?

Problems related to the use of the url parameters section in google search console may cause an increase in the number of duplicate content and empty content on our website. For this reason. However, google bot indexing should be prevented by configuring the settings both software and through google webmaster tools . The most radical solution is in particular, additional pages such. Id cause you to have problems with the panda algorithm due to empty content. Original what is the url parameter? What is the order and sometimes divide them into pages, each. Them can create thousands of unnecessary sub-pages. If this situation is not reported to google, although it is mandatory in software, your site may experience problems in terms of search results. If pages such as order, list, limit are included in the search results. You should definitely apply this solution.

Declaring parameters to Google

Go to . You can access the same menu from Google Spain WhatsApp Number Data Webmaster Tools  Crawl  Url parameters . Select the Configure button. I recommend that you read the warning in parentheses carefully. (Only use this feature if you’re sure how it works. Incorrectly excluded URLs can cause large numbers of pages not to appear in search.) If there are URL parameters automatically detected by Google, and you think that these pages will be indexed as empty and unnecessary content, you should take the following steps. How to make url parameter settings? The following steps are taken to remove what is stored by Google as empty content. Thus, on-site SEO problems are largely prevented. You will prevent unnecessary pages created by attachments such as clid, win, from, banerid, nugt, q, v, id, ?php. We click on the Edit section.

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We answer the question yes

How does this parameter affect the page content? We mark Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the other question . Which URLs with this parameter should Googlebot crawl? We answer the question No URL . If you want, you can get more ideas by clicking show the sample urls at the bottom. Finally, we say save . Url parameter settings Blocking Replytocom and similar parameters You can easily get rid of ref attack sites by adding them to this section or by configuring the existing URL. You can easily block the rep lyt ocom , term , Post ID , att ach men t_i d , term , orderby parameters occurring on WordPress sites . Your empty content pages will no longer be indexed and crawled by Google . This way, you will prevent a big problem.

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