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Question : Can backlinks be earned by using URL shortening services? Does using URL shortening services on Facebook and other social media sites harm SEO? Answer : Are URL shortening systems harmful for SEO? The shortest answer to the question is that it does not cause any harm, without exaggeration. Link shortening and its effect on SEO: Sites such as,, TinyUrl, are used by many digital media experts to earn money as a source of income. You can use these link shortening systems with peace of mind.

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These services will be very useful to you since using the Sweden WhatsApp Number Data direct URL of your site on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites may lead to spam. Link shortening with 201 Link shortening sites directed with 301 can benefit from increasing authority. Systems that redirect with 302 do not have a positive or negative contribution to authority. If Google says it has no negative contribution, we can say that it is likely to have a positive contribution. At least we learned firsthand that it does no harm. URL shortening services you can use. The most important thing you should pay attention to when using a shortening service is that it is a well-established company. If you ask why,

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Therefore, it would be much more rational to USA WhatsApp Number List use Google’s service. You can find the list of other short url services below. However, we cannot say the same for services that turn shortening the link into making money through mind games such as skip the ad. Because some suspicious people using these services may aim to phishing (stealing information). and As a result; URL shortening, which is done to use addresses more ergonomically, does not have a negative impact on search engine optimization and Google quality policies. However, it would be a very assertive sentence to talk about an extreme positive effect. Google Docs Classify parameters using the URL Parameters tool.

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