Diffuse light chandeliers can

The chandeliers visually divide the space into two parts, emphasizing the pressure of the ceiling but making the room appear smaller. Instead you can choose a smaller tall chandelier so your eye can visually see the light pointing higher into the space thereby adding height to the room. Specifically, you can choose to hang chandeliers in high spaces, but the size should not be too large. The height from the ceiling should be at least 1 meter to avoid hanging directly overhead to maintain sufficient vertical margin space. For lower spaces we recommend semi-flush ceiling lights. You can also use smaller diameter chandeliers. Regardless of the shape, be careful not to let the lamp itself become a source of oppression.

Overly flashy decorative the

Lamps will make the space narrow. On the other hand, multiple groups of scatter small chandeliers can be us instead of a single giant chandelier. Small point light sources can easily diffuse into the surrounding Cyprus WhatsApp Number List space to avoid forming visual pressure points.   also increase the sense of illumination, but pay attention to the soft transition between light and shadow. Using cool light sources makes it easier to create a sense of hierarchy compar to warm colors. Cold light contains more blue.  light bulbs with a color temperature between 1 and 2 can create sharper contrast and layering on walls and objects, adding depth to the space.

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Therefore choosing cool white

It is recommend that the main lighting fixtures use cool white light sources. If the space is large, you can set up light sources with different color temperatures in different areas to use color temperature contrast to Latvia Phone Number List enhance depth. For example, natural white light can be us in places close to the window, while the above light sources can be configur in places far away from the window to create a sliding and hot contrast. In addition, care must be taken to prevent the.

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