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The cold tones using depth to expand the space. Use mirror reflection to expand the lighting range.   appropriate places such as cabinet door paintings. When light shines on the mirror, it can form a strong reflection, increasing the brightness of the room and broadening the visual experience. You can install a full-wall mirror on one side of the room and then use a wall lamp on the well-lit side.  the light and quickly spread to the entire room, expanding and elongating the space. Visual effect. In addition, one or two small surface mirror decorations such as fram decorative bottles can be plac in the room. These decorations are then illuminat with directional light to create strong reflective points.

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These bright points of light can both attract the eye and make the space brighter and more transparent through diffuse reflection. However, care must be taken to control the intensity of specular reflection to Croatia WhatsApp Number List prevent the visual effect from being too extensive and affecting the appearance. Light up dark places with light strips Use light strips to easily provide soft, low-brightness supplementary lighting for dark places. For example, in the back area of ​​headboards, bookcases, shoe racks and other furniture against the wall, where shadows are easily produc, hidden light strips can be install to provide additional softness and avoid visual dead zones from forming black holes, thereby expanding the continuity of the space.

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Us to display some decorations.Lines create cascading contrasts of light and dark. In this way, the human eye can improve the perception of spatial depth and diagonal distance to visually lengthen the room. In addition, wall Lebanon Phone Number List sconces can also be us to illuminate specific design elements or decorations in the room such as decorative murals. However, care must be taken to avoid the overall style of lighting effects being inconsistent. Avoid large light fixtures. Large, low-hanging.

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