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The we will explore this topic in more depth. Does the lamp always lose power? After reading, you will understand what is the difference between hidden element lamps and other lamps. Can the lamp be continuously on for hours? Will hourly lighting shorten the life of the lamp? Will using the lamp a  Will the strip panel lamp linear lamp be constantly on? What is the difference between light leakage and small loss of light? What is the difference between the lamp and other lamps? As a solid-state light source, compar with traditional incandescent lamps, armor lamps and other lamps, it has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life and high stability.

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Its working principle. The chip uses the semiconductor light-emitting principle and works with a low-voltage power supply to effectively generate visible light. It does not rely on Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List thermal luminescence, so the light efficiency is very high and the electrical energy conversion rate can reach above. At the same time, because the light-emitting module is a solid component with a simple and durable structure, it can withstand frequent switching and long working hours. Can the lamp stay on continuously for hours?   and stability of the lamp, it can keep on for hours, which is difficult for other lamps to do.

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Therefore good heat dissipation

It should be not that long-term power supply will cause the chip temperature to rise. If heat dissipation is not good, the risk of light decay and damage will increase.   conditions Estonia Phone Number List must be ensur. You also ne to choose good quality lamps. It is generally believ that the preferr brand will properly control the quality of the product, right? For example, I bought a lamp with very good quality, which makes me feel confident when using it. Will hour lighting shorten the life of the lamp? Continuous operation will not have.

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