This will ensure stable operation

The exce the rat power of that power source. To ensure that the power supply is not overload it is recommend to add at least an additional margin to the total power calculation.  of the system and extend the life of the power supply. But be aware that paralleling multiple light strips to a single power supply may cause voltage drop issues. The brightness of the light strip may gradually decrease as the distance from the power entry point increases. To solve this problem it is recommend to use thicker cables or increase the number of cables to minimize the effects of voltage drops. How far away from the power source the light strip can be install.

The distance between the light

Strip and the power source is an important factor affecting the performance of the light strip. As the strip moves further away from the power supply the voltage drop becomes more pronounc causing the strip’s brightness Belize WhatsApp Number List to decrease. Several measures can be taken to mitigate the effects of voltage drops. Using cables that are thick enough. Cables with copper conductors can help ruce voltage drops. Increasing the number of wires Increasing the number of wires ruces the current flow and thus the voltage drop. The voltage drop of using light strips is lower than that of light strips at the same distance.

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The distance between light

It is generally recommend that   strips should not exce one meter to ensure good performance. Recommendations for Installing Power Supplies Note Humidity and Temperature Power supplies, like most Australia Phone Number List List electronic equipment, are very sensitive to humidity and temperature extremes. Therefore, when installing the power supply, you should choose a dry and well-ventilat place to ensure its reliability. If the power supply cannot avoid exposure to moisture or water it is recommend to select a power supply rat to protect against moisture and water. Do not use the maximum rat.

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