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The regularity of the shape is an important factor to observe. Transparency and Color Bulbs are usually transparent or translucent. You should be able to clearly see the light-emitting element inside the bulb when it is turn on. This transparency is a distinguishing feature of the lamp. Additionally the lights are usually white but can also be other colors such as yellow blue and .  and bright without a dull or cloudy appearance. If you see a dim or strange light bulb it’s probably not the lamp. In summary, by observing the brightness distribution shape, transparency and color of the lamp, we can initially judge whether it is a lamp.

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But first step in judging and further inspection and testing is ne to confirm. When purchasing lights, it is recommend to choose reputable brands and certifi products to ensure that you are purchasing original lighting Vietnam WhatsApp Number List products. Feel temperature lamps are generally much cooler than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps. When turning on the light, gently touch the surface of the bulb with your hand. If the bulb gets very hot within a few minutes then it’s most likely not a lamp as lamps have better heat dissipation capabilities and don’t generate as much heat. Energy-saving feature lamps are known for their high energy efficiency. To determine whether a lamp is a good one, consider the following characteristics.

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Lower wattage than traditional lamps but can provide the same or higher brightness. If the fixture has a higher wattage it is probably not a lamp. Energy Efficiency Labels Many countries and regions require lamps Indonesia Phone Number to carry energy efficiency labels indicating their degree of energy efficiency. Lamps typically have a higher energy efficiency rating such as 1000 or higher and non-lamps may have a lower energy efficiency rating. FAQ Can lights be disguis to look very realistic Yes some illegal.

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