The lumen value determines

The and other indicators. Only by correctly understanding and applying these lighting unit design guidelines can we create a truly qualifi lighting environment. common problem. The higher the wattage of the light strip, the higher the brightness. It does not necessarily depend on the lumen value. For the same length of strip, a higher lumen value means higher brightness. When buying a display screen, you should pay attention to which parameters mainly control the lumen value and Kelvin color temperature.  the brightness, while the Kelvin color temperature determines the coolness and warmth of the light. What is the ideal color temperature for kitchen lighting linear lights natural white light.

What to consider the

When calculating the length of a light strip Calculate the necessary lumen value bas on the surface area of ​​the room and the desir brightness and then convert the length of the strip. How to avoid uneven light after installation. Choose Chile WhatsApp Number List products with high bead density and control the maximum length of a single strip for continuous use. How to Calculate the Number of Light Panels to Install Calculate the number of panels requir bas on the surface area of ​​the room and the desir average illuminance lux value. What are the requirements for the light irradiation range when choosing spotlights.

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Choose an appropriate lighting

Angle bas on the actual lighting area to avoid an angle that is too narrow or too wide. In order to avoid glare, the lighting in the living room must generally be controll at a certain number of lux. Limit space in the India Phone Number List house is often a problem fac by many people, but if you use reasonable lighting design, you can increase the sense of space through the visual effect of the room and make the limit space appear more spacious. I’ll show you how to use different types of lights to achieve the effect of expanding the visual space.

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