When designing lighting select

The and comfort of human eyes’ visual experience of space.  light sources and arrangements bas on the room area and usage functions to achieve appropriate lux values ​​in important areas to avoid lighting that is too low or too high, causing glare and eye fatigue. Kelvin Kelvin represents the color temperature of light measur in degrees Kelvin. The lower the color temperature, the warmer and more yellow the light appears. The higher the color temperature, the cooler and bluer the light appears. The color temperature of the most common light sources is generally between . Color temperature directly affects the atmosphere of a space.

Low color temperature light

Gives people a warm and comfortable feelingHigh color temperature light is brighter and refreshing. The light source with the most suitable color temperature can be select for different functional environments. Reading Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List rooms generally use warm light sources while kitchens and work areas use neutral or slightly cooler white light sources. Comprehensive consideration of some indicators When designing and selecting lighting solutions, it is necessary to consider indicators such as the power, light intensity, illuminance, color temperature and other indicators of the light source. The selection of light sources must comply with the area of ​​the environment and the nes of the lighting function.

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The arrangement of light

Sources must be calculat bas on light attenuation to ensure that important areas are fully illuminat. In addition, you also ne to pay attention to parameters such as the light efficiency and color rendering index of the Hong Kong Phone Number List light source. Professional lighting designers can create a perfect experience through reasonable usage indicators to achieve comprehensive, uniform and comfortable lighting effects bas on the characteristics and usage nes of the space. In short, the selection of lamps should not only be bas on the size of the wattage, but should also comprehensively consider the luminous flux value, area illumination, lux value, Kelvin color temperature.

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