Two bulbs of the same

The Power watts Watt represents the electrical power of a light source. It is a unit of measurement for input power and represents the energy consumption of a light bulb. The higher the wattage, the higher the power consumption. For example a light bulb consumes more energy than a light bulb. However, high wattage does not intuitively represent the brightness of the light emitt because different types of light bulbs and different technologies have different efficiencies in converting electrical energy into visible light. Wattage is only a rough guide for users.  model with higher wattage usually emit more light but the wattage cannot be judg bas on the ratio of the light emitt.

When choosing energy saving

Lamps, be careful not to judge lighting effects solely bas on wattage. Lumens Lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of a light source. It represents the total flux of visible light emitt by the light source. The higher Canada WhatsApp Number List the lumen value of the same type of bulb, the more visible light it emits and the brighter it is. For L lamps, the higher the lumen value under the same power, the better the luminous efficiency. Therefore, when selecting a lighting source, you ne to pay more attention to its lumen value, that is, the effective size of the luminous flux.

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 The difference with lumens

For example, if the lumen values ​​of two energy-saving light bulbs with similar power are and respectively, then the brightness of the latter is obviously higher. Lux Lux is the unit of luminous flux density expressing German Phone Number List illumination, that is, surface area. is that lumens simply represent the amount of light emitt by the light source itself while lux represents the actual illumination of light at a given point. The same light source plac at different positions from the surface will bring different lux illumination values ​​to the surface. Lighting directly affects the scene.

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