Claim unlinked brand mentions in reviews

Unlinked mentions are online mentions of your products or brand without a link to your site. They can happen for all kinds of reasons. However, they’re often difficult to turn into links because there’s rarely an obvious or compelling pitch angle. For example, here’s an unlinked mention for Audio-Technica: Unlinked mention for Audio-Technica Unfortunately, in this case, there’s no compelling pitch angle. That’s because the unlinked mention is in an article about a band selling gear to fund music education, and there are no links to other mentioned brands.

UseClaim unlinked HARO to get high-authority links

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a service that connects journalists and bloggers with sources. If you sign up as a source (free), HARO sends you daily emails with requests like this: Example HARO request In this case, the blogger wants recommendations category email list for the best office headphones. If we plug their website (Welp Magazine) into Site Explorer, we see it’s a Domain Rating (DR) 59 site with plenty of organic traffic. So it’s certainly worth pursuing the link.

Chapter 5.Claim unlinked Content marketing

Capturing the attention of your audience is vital in e-commerce. By creating valuable, relevant, and engaging Calling List content, you can enhance your online store’s visibility, build customer relationships, and drive more conversions. Let’s consider a few of the top priorities in content marketing for e-commerce sites. Find commercial investigation keywords to target with blog posts Commercial investigation keywords are terms people are searching for when researching what to buy. For example, if you search for “best wireless headphones” on Google, it’s likely you are ready to buy a good pair of wireless headphones. Identifying “best” product searches is a simple way to start finding commercial intent keywords.

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