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Who know how to leverage modern neon color (and lots of black and white space) to grab their subscribers. Attention. In fact. How can you not read that headline? The box. The graphics. The color – it.S all a scream for the eyes to stop and stay a while. Thanks. Contrast. Award for : color for attention winners: beautiful minimalism 18. Apple apple newsletter examples – apple screenshot of canva we all know apple for its cutting-ge design and minimal Make friends with aesthetic. So. Naturally. We expect the same from apple.S newsletters.

With a focus on colors to draw

As you can see from this example. The brand Asia email list is great with its minimalist design and white space. With a focus on colors to draw attention to certain elements. It.S a newsletter that integrates seamlessly with the brand.S personality on its website and elsewhere. Award for : simplicity 19. Smart insights smartinsights great examples of newsletters – smart insights screenshot of magemail we would expect nothing less than a great result from smart insights. A digital marketing company. And they do it. With a newsletter that gets straight to the point: simple.

Their newsletter is so simple

asia email list

Easy to digest and full of useful information. Exactly what the smart insights audience wants. In fact. Their newsletter is so simple that it.S almost a   Calling List  throwback (it.S almost completely free-to-air)… Except that it.S 2018. And smart insights has the intuition to know that their audience doesn.T want distractions. Award for : old school minimalism 20. Uber uber great examples of newsletters-uber screenshot of coschule if you.Re even just a casual uber user. Then you.Re familiar with the brand.S black-and-white aesthetic. Enter uber newsletters.

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