The total quantity calculation

The of the light strip is expresse in watts and the length is expresse in meters.  Then compares the total square footage of the room to the require lighting levels to. Determine how many light strips are neede to illuminate the entire room. Here are the general steps to calculate the total area of ​​a room. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply them to get the total area of ​​the room in square meters. Determining the Require Luminous Flux Luminous flux is usually measure in lumens. It represents the total amount of light produce by a fixture. Different rooms have different lighting requirements. Generally speaking.

Check the technical specifications

The living room and kitchen require larger luminous flux, while the bedroom and living room require smaller luminous flux. Consider the brightness of the strip.  of the strip to find out Nepal WhatsApp Number List the luminous flux per meter of strip. The require luminous flux is then divide by the luminous flux per meter of strip to determine the require strip length. Calculate the number of light strips Calculate how many light strips are neede base on the length of the light strips obtaine and the shape of the room. Keep in mind that light strips are usually sold in fixe lengths so you may need to cut them to the appropriate length.

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Using these steps you will be

Able to determine the number of strip lights you need to meet your room’s lighting needs. When purchasing, be sure to consider the specifications of the light strip to ensure its power and brightness Philippine Phone Number List match your calculations. Conclusion When designing interior lighting the right lighting scheme can bring a unique charm and comfort to a room. By carefully considering the size, shape and intende use of the space, as well as your personal preferences you can create an interior lighting arrangement that is both warm, functional and beautiful.

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