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Specific location size of the graphics attached to the advertising campaign is the same as in the case of posts, i.e. x pixels. Taking care of specific graphic sizes will allow you to create profiles that will look neat and professional. This approach to both your personal and corporate profile will demonstrate your reliability, commitment and professionalism. These are all three features that are valued most by both employers and clients. In a word – the basis of good business cooperation. Do changes in Gogol’s algorithms always make life more difficult? If you constantly care about the positioning of your website, you have certainly asked yourself this question more than once.

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Each update of Google’s algorithms brings with it a number of transformations that you need to adapt to on an ongoing basis. At the end of July , Google introduced an update to the Page speed algorithm and marked it as an important ranking factor in Photo Retouching mobile search engines, another change took place in November , basing the rating on the Lighthouse engine. This caused a significant drop in the organic search results of many e-commerce sites. See why this happened and what to do to prevent this from happening to you.

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The updated Page speed algorithm rewards fast sites optimized for mobile devices. This means that because the website works faster, e.g. on a smartphone, it is higher in the search engine rankings. So far, page speed was treated only as a recommendation, but after the July update, it became a full-fledged factor determining the site’s place in the mobile Calling List search engine rankings. Why did the Page speed algorithm update impact the e-Commerce industry so strongly? From the perspective of mobile device users, updating the Page speed algorithm is a change for the better. It makes it easier to browse the offer and make purchases faster. However, this is a huge challenge for the e-Commerce industry.

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