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Employer however, it was as a result of it that most of the trade move online. As a result, online stores are becoming more and more popular. Slovakia has relatively few entry barriers. Running a business in Slovakia is profitable for Poles, if only because of the lower VAT and income tax rates. If you want to register a business, you can use the services of the e-office or apply to one of the Slovak provincial offices and pay the registration fee of 5 euros. The company in Slovakia works immeiately. We do not have to wait for the appropriate entry or REGON number to start our business.

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The lack of significant cultural differences and the possibility of settling in euros are an additional convenience. Slovaks highly value customer service in their native language. Therefore, when introducing a store to the Slovak market, it is worth investing in proper call center service. If you want to effectively sell your goods photo editor to foreign customers, you must remember to adapt your store and its regulations to the regulations in force in a given country. Customers nee to feel safe and comfortable in your store.

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Shops in Slovakia, wanting to effectively deliver goods to their customers, most often use the services of the Slovak post and courier companies: UPS and GLS. When tracking consumer behavior, it can be notice that Slovaks Calling List are much more likely to choose the option of delivering parcels to collection points  Z-box, AlzaBox or Mall parcel lockers) than courier parcels delivere to their place of residence. Slovaks highly appreciate the possibility of free return of goods and attaching an already printe return label to the package. It is worth remembering when determining the rules of cooperation with the local post office.

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