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The country an independent choice by the user of his region. Links to the relevant section are place on the main page. General information for all regions is place in the service sections About the company, For partners, etc. With auto-selection by IP address. Built-in locators calculate the user’s location and expand information for him from the corresponding regional subfolder. In the catalogs of the site, prices and assortment change, in the Contacts section addresses are replace, columns of auxiliary content local news, articles are reveale. The method does not work for users who hide their real IP address. Benefits of website promotion with subfolders Increase trust loyalty of search engines due to the large number of pages with SEO keys. 

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All subfolder pages and information blocks contain SEO keys in their texts linke to the user’s location for example, buy a laptop in Odintsovo. This increases the likelihood of issuance, both for geo-dependent queries and for general ones. The Google search engine especially prefers subfolder photo editor promotion with regional content SEO optimization. Good to know: What is a semantic core, how to assemble for a website SEO in Pros and cons of ways of regional website promotion All methods of regional website promotion have their pluses and, of course, minuses – it is important to know them in person. The advantages and disadvantages of these two methods are opposite to each other.

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Therefore, the creation of subdomain sites with regional subfolders inside is able to mutually overlap with its pluses all their minuses in terms of geo-dependent distribution. Pros of regional website promotion on subdomains: Geo-base distribution is more loyal to the landing page with a common domain address With geo-dependent issuance, each sub-domain site competes only with Internet sites tie to its region You can track the progress of an Internet resource, both in general and for specific geolocations via Calling List subdomains Cons of regional website promotion on subdomains: Labor input Difficulty maintaining and adjusting content Manual entry on subdomain pages of changes in general prices, assortment, etc.

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