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The documentary ‘Nobody is free’, by Iban Albizu and Ángel Peiró, collects the ‘effects’ of the health crisis by Covid-19 in canteens and food banks, through the eyes of their workers, leaders and people . This project premieres this Thursday in the Príncipe Pío cinemas in Madrid, at 8:00 p.m., and can later be seen in other theaters throughout the country. The idea for this documentary, as by Ángel Peiró, was born after its creators the hunger queues that almost immediately after the start of the pandemic. by Taboolayou may like We tell you Vera’s big secret in ‘La Promesa’, the TVE La 1 series As he  they were “increasingly longer and with many internal stories, both of the.  Volunteers and leaders of these soup kitchens and food banks, as well as those of those  for whom even their profile  as the progress .” the pandemic.


That is why they  to “make this situation visible.” And more specifically, the fact that, “no matter how much one belongs to a higher or middle social class, no one is safe from ending up helpless, without being able to eat at least once a day. emergency that puts all individuals at the same Cambodia Phone Number Data  starting point, to try to implement the often  social solidarity , which allows us to build a more just and equitable society, whereOf this work, it stands out that it allows us to see the work of these soup kitchens and food banks through their volunteers and even those who use them.  volunteers in the centers they go to. In his opinion, these types of documentaries are necessary to  in these centers. Likewise, he believes that it is necessary.

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Social phenomena occur, giving voice to their main protagonists; and indicates that, within a few years, this work can serve “as a consultative element on . The raw events that have  in this pandemic period. documentary, he  has “struck a chord” with them . Thus, he has the hardness Albania Phone Number List  of sharing time ” with people who have.  Lost their jobs and cannot put anything in their mouths, even having children in their care. About the sensitivity that exists in . Spain towards the poverty situation of other people, Peiró believes that it already  . Before the pandemic. In this sense, he that the global economic crisis of  was “a before and after for the young generations. director. Being able to capture this situation in an audiovisual document. Knowing that a large part of society . Consumes more and more series and documentaries, was an opportunity that they could not miss. Among the Films  in This Along with .

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