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The space, a certain number of wall lights, paintings and other artistic lamps can be install on each wall.  in important positions. Desk lamps should be plac near the windows. The lighting combination of multiple lamps can form overlapping layers of light and shadow and rich details. Maximizing natural light in rooms with windows requires ensuring that sunlight can fully enter the room and avoid using heavy curtains to block natural light. White or translucent curtains allow as much natural light as possible to freshen the environment and visually expand the interior space through a connection with the outside.

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Take into account the rational use of natural light such as the use of reflective materials and the optimization of room layout. The light in the north is darker. To avoid visual fatigue caus by Egypt WhatsApp Number List excessive light, sunshades can be install on south-facing windows. Artificial lighting can be ruc to improve spatial continuity by making full use of natural light. Pay attention to the coordination of light and color and use light sources that are coordinat with the color of the room to create a harmonious space atmosphere. On the other hand, lighting that does not match the interior style can also make people feel uncomfortable and distress. In addition, too bright colors will make the space feel dazzling.

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It is recommend to use neutral and soft colors as the main color. The light must match the style and decorative color of the wall. Light that is too cold or too hot can destroy the unity of Philippine Phone Number List the atmosphere. If the wall is a warm color, you can choose natural white light sources on the left and right. Cool white light is preferr for spaces with blue and gray tones. Through a series of lighting techniques and specific design points, the magic of light can be fully utilize.

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