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from different devices. we are going  Virtual Campus: Space where all the necessary resources are stored to successfully complete the degree without any added cost. For example, the interested party can watch the recorded classes as many times as they want if they have not been able to attend the live class. Monitoring and personalized attention: by the tutor and advisor. Having to combine training with work and family was something that also caused Rubén Alonso to worry, but he soon realized that with online training everything was easier, although this does not mean that

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he does not have to work and make an effort to achieve what one proposes. “I have to confess that studying a Degree in Business Administration was a personal challenge because my daily life is quite intense in terms of work, meetings, trips, visits, etc. All this taking into account that there is a family behind it. However, from my point of view, it is a matter of organization and dedicating the correspo   nding time business database o each thing  we are going  without neglecting the rest. I could say, in summary, that the key to having combined study with work has been perseverance .” ONLINE TRAINING: OFFICIAL MBA As we have seen, thanks to the student’s involvement with the

And the official online MBA

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