What Causes Ranking and Organic Traffic Loss on Google?

My site was on the first page for my keyword for two years. When I checked yesterday, I saw that it had suddenly dropped to page 15. What could be the reason for this? My last changes. Theme change, site acceleration and cache installation were made. I would be very happy if you could figure out why my site, which is the leader in my industry, disappeared from Google. I’m in a very difficult situation. The faster you reply, the better for me. Why do site rankings decrease? Why did I lose traffic? I would be very grateful if you could explain in detail what precautions I should take on my site.As a result of some mistakes made. What Causes Ranking you may fall to the back pages in Google and your site ranking may decrease.

Questions about content quality

Although this concept is not fully Philippines WhatsApp Number Data established in Turkey, large ranking losses generally occur as a result of algorithmic penalties imposed by Google. Why is there a decrease or loss in Google rankings? Manual action implemented by Google officials Algorithmic penalty that does not give any notification Feedback and complaints Anti SEO Harmful (Blackhat). SEO work Many factors can cause your rankings to drop on Google. What should be done to avoid ranking loss. However, What should be done to avoid loss of rankings for keywords on Google and what could be the source of this problem? You should focus on these items one by one.

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Conduct competitor

Do not change the link structure when you Vietnam WhatsApp Number List change the site design. Even if you change, maintain your authority by redirecting with 301. Theme and software changes may result in loss of rankings. Increase in scanning errors, Content changes Browsing anomamails Occurrence of mobile compatibility problems, Decreased site speed. However, Change of link structure Unnecessary meta code changes (Title, keyword etc.) Getting irregular backlinks (100 backlinks in one month and zero backlinks in another month meant unnatural SEO work) backlink loss Negative SEO work may have been done against you by your competitors .

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