Which SSL certificate to choose?

Google has now started to prioritize the mobile versions of sites, not the desktop, with its mobile-first indexing algorithm. This situation is quite natural. Because the fact that 70% of the traffic to websites is mobile traffic is enough to tell everything. Therefore, we have learned that the mobile versions and views of Google sites will play an important role in the search criteria and the mobile site will be taken as the priority criterion.the “secure” symbol, also known as green light. Which SSL does not appear in the browser.

Which SSL

We felt the need to add it to our article Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data because Google introduced a new algorithm regarding SSL (HTTPS) on December 16, 2015, to improve the concept of a secure site and to show that it cares about user security. You can read the detailed statement made by Google here . Google recently made a statement that makes you feel that websites using the HTTPS protocol will be considered more reliable from now on and that its impact on SEO will continue to increase in the future .Especially if you switch to 2.0 along with SSL, your site will speed up, not slow down. After July 2018, Google began to consider site speed as a ranking signal for mobile search results. That’s why I definitely recommend you switch to http2.0 version. To put your mind at ease, you can test it yourself using the free Lets Encrypt.

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Is there free SSL?

Considering how unethical this Algeria Phone Number List statement is and how it will cause an explosion in the sales of the certificates, one cannot help but wonder if there is a secret agreement . First of all, let us point out that not every SSL certificate will have the same effect on Google. More than just adding the letter ‘s’ to the http line of your site, using a verified and documented certificate will benefit you. However, the prices of these certificates are also quite expensive. I think we wouldn’t be misleading you if we said that Google is forcing users to spend money for the first time in its algorithm statements. What is an SSL certificate?


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